Solidarite Feminine

Solidarite feminine is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which focuses on violence prevention, women empowerment and gives support to women with HIV/AIDS.

The organization offers services to the survivors of domestic violence and their children and also assist HIV/AIDS patient in their daily lives. SF was started by a group of committed women activists, in response to the growing problem of violence against women.

Solidarite Feminine has the only shelter in Djibouti, where abused women and their children can find some peace. Women are forced to stay with their men even though they are in a abusive relationship. If her elders decides that she has to stay with her man, she will be obligated to stay with him. Getting a divorce is often very difficult for women. That’s why SF offers counselling and legal aid to these women. This shelter is not recognised by the djiboutian government, and they try to be as anonymous as possible. Volunteers at the shelter are often threatened by men.

I will like to help those volunteers cause they doing an admirable work.

Kind regards,

Ambaro M. Iman"

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